Outgoing Superior General Fr Adolfo Nicolas SJ embraces newly elected Superior General Arturo Sosa SJ, GC36, 14th October 2016

GC36 – (3) The Ignatian leader

Just before Fr Arturo Sosa, the new Jesuit General, starts the celebration of his thanksgiving mass at the church of the Gesu’ in Rome, he will visit the room where the first Jesuit General, St Ignatius, lived for nearly 18 years. There he will listen to the portrait Ignatius himself composed in the Jesuit Constitutions…

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GC36 – (5) “One cannot give good news with a sad face…ask insistently for consolation”

Last Monday (24th October) Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope, addressed the 36th Jesuit General Congregation meeting in Rome. In the next blogs we will reflect on the three ways he suggested the Jesuits can choose to carry out their mission nowadays. The original speech, in Spanish can be found on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqrK938BBPg with the English…

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A Jesuit Refugee Service staff member meets with young refugees out for a game of soccer in Ethiopia. (Christian Fuchs : Jesuit Refugee Service:USA)

St Ignatius, Man for others

Ignatius was born in very exciting times. When he was a few months old, Columbus arrived in America, and his conversion in Loyola in 1521 coincided with the first circumnavigation of the globe by Magellan. It was also the time of the Reformation in the Church, set in motion by Martin Luther in 1517. At…

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4. Free to choose well

There were once three groups of persons, who had a considerable sum of money, but they were not sure whether they could keep it. All realised they needed to take a decision, but each group went about it in a different way. The first group were really determined to decide, but somehow never got down…

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